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Proimi Roatan |

Who we are


PROIMI was born in 1982 as a wicker furniture manufacturer. Since then we have grown into a prime resource for distributors and clients throughout Central America, USA and the Caribbean.

Our customers have voted with their preferences and made our natural fibers, such as Rattan, Hyacinth and Astor Rope, our most popular materials. But Proimi is still expanding; we have expanded into woodwork and beautiful fabrics. We also specialize in outdoor furniture made of aluminum and synthetic fibers. You create your own designs by choosing fiber tones and fabrics. 

New Arrivals

Why us

We offer a wide variety of customized products to our customers. You will have the option of selecting colors, fabrics, different materials, and even create your own designs. We understand the importance of deadlines and commitments. Our efficient and streamlined process will allow us to deliver our customers orders within a six-to-eight week period. Our products are 100% natural, therefore minimizing our carbon footprint. Our goal is to contribute in every way possible to the protection of our environment.

Why Proimi Design Center ?

  • Experience and Credibility.
  • Custom Made Orders.
  • A vast amount of fabrics to choose from.
  • Flexibility in Production.
  • High Quality Hand craftsmanship.
  • Commitment to focus on detail.
  • Versatile Design.
  • Distribution in Central America and United States.
  • Twice Award Winning Exporter of the Year Prize – Honduras.